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From patients to doctors, is a free platform to help you understand how much you will pay. We are currently building the search engine and data platform. In the meantime, you can:

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Payless Health is a search engine and open database of all hospital prices in the United States. We are currently running a data bounty and paying up to $10,000 for help collecting this data that is public by federal law.

Payless Health is open source so you can trust it; most electronic health records in the United States are closed.

Support Health Equity

Our team's background is in health equity and women's health.

Reduce health care cost

Using Payless Health can help reduce the price of health care for yourself, your family, your community, and eventually the entire country.

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Use the search engine at the top to get started. Try searching for a medication, procedure, treatment, hospital nearby.

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Payless Health is powered by AI

The One Fact Foundation created Payless Health using the same tools that Google uses to power its search engine. We are prototyping this search engine in communities across the country, and analyzing millions of gigabytes of data from hospitals and insurance companies.

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