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We have collected the links to 4000+ hospitals' price sheets through a DoltHub data bounty sponsored by our nonprofit and DoltHub, a startup building a version-controlled database system.

We download and maintain these 4000+ price sheet for public access at

We standardize the data and make it available in a machine-readable format for use in other applications. We also provide web interfaces for searching and browsing the data for individual hospitals on this website as we build an aggregate search engine.

The data are standardized to the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model (CDM) that is used by governments, academic medical centers, and hospitals for research and analytics. The OMOP CDM is a relational database schema that organizes patient data into a common structure and format for the purposes of generating real-world evidence. The OMOP CDM is a widely used standard for observational health data, and is used by the FDA, NIH, and other government agencies, as well as academic medical centers and hospitals. We maintain the table definitions in a GitHub repository in collaboration with other research organizations and the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) community..

We also work with rates and claims feeds from insurance companies and self-insured employers to provide a more complete picture of the price of health care and enable consumers and employers to make better decisions about where to get affordable, high-quality care.

If you need help working with gigabytes and terabytes of data needed to link claims to hospital prices and payor rates, please email us at

Payless Health is sponsored by the Brown Institute at Columbia and Stanford ( and Patient Rights Advocate (